Monday, March 1, 2010

Test Your Knowledge WINNER!

Good Morning, told me our winner is #2, so that means it's


Congrats and thanks to everyone who entered!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Test your knowledge and WIN!

Lately, I've been watching my weight. You know....making GOOD food choices, exercising, etc. or at the very least, I've been TRYING to do that. My poor librarians have to be sick of seeing the courier service come with piles and piles of books on healthy eating for me. But, knowledge is power and I'm trying. I've made simple changes in what we eat around here...buying light instead of full fat versions of our favorite things, etc. But, something I've also been doing is trying to incorporate more WHOLE GRAINS. This can be a challenge, but with General Mills cereals, the breakfast battle is won! Did you know....

Only whole grain gives you the vital nutrients from the complete grain. In addition to fiber, whole grain contains antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients important for a healthy diet. General Mills is the only leading cereal company to guarantee whole grain in every box.** Every day, General Mills´ Big G Cereals - which include Cheerios, Fiber One, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Chex, Total and Lucky Charms - deliver 35 million servings of whole grain to Americans. General Mills makes it easy to find whole grains, just look for the white check on the top of every Big G cereal box for your whole grain guarantee.

That's awesome, isn't it? We already buy General Mills products. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Honey Nut Cheerios...always have. My kids love them, too!

So, what do you know about Whole Grains?
Visit Whole Grain Nation to put your whole grain knowledge to the test. Take the test and come back, I wanna know how you did! (I did so-so with 4 correct answers...some of them are worded funky and I tripped up!)

Last month, General Mills also started an initiative to lower the sugar content of cereals that are marketed toward kids 12 and under to the single digits for sugar content! WOOHOO!! My kids always go for those, too and I just hate putting large amounts of sugar in them and sending them off to they can eat what they like and Momma will be happy, too!

Now, I hear you going "but I thought she said "WIN", too..." Well........I DID! General Mills was awesome and sent me a fabulous prize pack of a big honking cereal mug, a breakfast chiller bowl (this thing is AWESOME!), a jute tote bag and a couple coupons for free cereal. So, if you want to win one, too, here's what you have to do!

1) Go take the Whole Grain Challenge....seriously it's QUICK and has some great info.

2)Come back here and post a comment. Tell me your results and let me know what your favorite BIG G cereal is.

That's it! Be sure to leave your comment by midnight on February 28th and I'll pick a winner on Monday, March 1st! Good luck!!

*********General Mills provided me with a prize pack and information through All opinions are strictly my own.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Hello There!

So, I signed up for the BlogHer Reviews Program and MyBlog Spark and another woman to woman blog review thing and now I find myself needing ANOTHER blog to store all the fabulous reviews that are going to be coming your way.

Keep an eye on this space. General Mills has some AWESOME information coming for you. I'll let you know all about it very soon!!